How many smartphones and gadgets does your family own? 2? 3? 4? Maybe more? Does everyone in your family own a smart phone? How about the kids? After all the time and money you spend on these devices and gadgets month after month, have you ever felt the need for a better solution to:

  • Manage your day-to-day family life, meal planning, etc.
  • Coordinate your kids' activities (after-school events, sports practice, dance lessons, etc.)
  • Keep your family connected
  • Share information safely and securely within your family
  • Now there is! Introducing The HomeE! A 10" touchscreen device that brings all aspects of family life onto one simple screen. It's easily accessible, not dependent on the type of mobile phone you use and does not require any technical expertise to setup and configure.

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    Open registrations for The HomeE ended on June 30th, 2014, but you can still reserve your FREE HomeE though our partner offers below!

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    What's the Catch?

    Is it really free? What's the catch? Yes, it's free and there is no catch. There's nothing we're not telling you. The device is free, the mobile app for your phone is free and the service is free. All you're paying for is the actual shipping and handling costs.

    Why is it free? The HomeE is supported by your local retailers. Specify the local retailers you are interested in hearing from and we will send deals, specials and promotions directly to your HomeE. Local retailers struggle to reach their target audience electronically and have to rely on print media. In other words, they have to send what most of us call "junk mail". Where does it go? Hopefully to your recycle bin and not the trash bin. With the HomeE platform, not only will you help save thousands of trees a year, you will also save money for your family while helping local businesses.

    I already have an iPad (Android tablet, Surface tablet, etc.). Great! You can download the HomeE app on your tablet too. However, if you're thinking that your iPad, Android, or Surface tablet will do what The HomeE does, you should take a closer look. A tablet belongs to an individual, not the family. You have to have it charged. Only one person can use it at a time. In most homes with kids, you're lucky if you get to hold it once a day. Finally and most importantly, you have to spend a lot of money to own one. The HomeE, on the other hand, is free and is THE digital hub for your home life. It brings all of your tablets and phones into one place with a centralized calendar, messaging, notifications, weather, news, meal planning, shared shopping lists, chores and much more. Tablets cost you money; The HomeE saves you money.

    Still not convinced? How about if you could help save 2.9 million trees a year without spending a dime? That's exactly how many trees are chopped down every year for junk mail. Did you know that over 50% of junk mail goes to the garbage can unopened? Less than 40% is recycled every year? The fact is, unless retailers have an alternate option to advertise their deals, junk mail will never end. Sign up for a free HomeE today and help us give retailers an eco-friendly way of advertising.

    How it works

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    Q: Can I get more than one HomeE free?

    Sorry, the offer is limited to only one free HomeE.

    Q: Can I buy additional HomeEs?

    Yes, you can add up to 7 additional HomeEs to your profile at $249 each. Each HomeE can be customized to its own dashboard independent of all other HomeEs in your profile.

    Q: Is my information secure?

    Absolutely! We never sell, share or rent your information to any third-party. Ever.

    Q: Will The HomeE work with my Apple phone?

    Yes, iPhone 4 or later are fully supported.

    Q: Will The HomeE work with my Android phone?

    Yes, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream sandwich) or later are fully supported.

    Q: Will The HomeE work with my Windows phone?

    Yes, Windows 7.8 or later are fully supported.

    Q: Does The HomeE have a battery?

    No, the free model is not equipped with a battery. The purchased model comes a full 10 hour battery.

    Q: Can I have The HomeE professionally installed?

    Yes, we are signing up with installation partners across the country that will offer installation services for The HomeE. Prices will vary depending on your installation requirements and will be quoted directly by the installer.

    Q: Will The HomeE work in other countries outside the United States?

    Yes, The HomeE will work anywhere in the world as long as 110V AC power and a Wi-Fi connection is available.

    Q: When will I receive my HomeE?

    Shipping starts January 2015. Shipping order will be on city basis and we will start with the city that has the most registrations

    Q: What other information do you need from me?

    For the preliminary reservation, all we need is your basic contact information. We will contact you a couple months before your device ships out to fill out your complete profile, verify your mailing address and provide us your preferred retailers.

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